The Source and its countless manifestations are all composed of three, essential elements:
1) Soul (including the heart and mind); 2) Energy, and; 3) Matter.
The soul is carried within both energy and matter.
Its messages guide and direct the heart, mind, energy, and matter.

The three elements of the Source are pure.
They exist in harmonious relationships with each other and function together as One.
They form a unified field of energy that projects love and light.

All of life flows from the dynamic interaction between
the soul, energy, and matter within the unified, energy field.

The brilliant light from this field radiates outward to
permeate, and bring coherence to our entire universe.
The frequency and vibration of the light energy field is so high
neither can the mind comprehend, nor science measure it.
Yet, people naturally resonate with its purity and attribute to it
the qualities of “all-loving”, “all-seeing”, “all-knowing”, and “miraculous healings.”

Within the unified, energy field of the Source,
we are each held tenderly by the embrace of Love.

All souls originate from the Source;
Conceived by an act of love and through the miracle of birth,
your soul is a “child” of the Source.

Upon your soul the Source bestows:
the gift of physical life;
the ability to self-heal and transform your life naturally;
the unique potentials to live your highest purpose, and; 
the possibility to fulfill your soul’s destiny.

.From its heart of love,
the Source entrusts its legacy to each and every soul.



We all want and need love.
Life, itself, depends upon it.  All is made possible through it.

As you open your heart to the miracles of love,
Your soul will lead you to live your legacy.


.…is Your Journey Home to the Source

In the physical realm, your soul navigates the flow of your life.
Its enduring intent is to elevate the frequency and vibration of your life.
The higher the frequency and vibration of your soul, energy and matter,
the greater is your capacity to: heal yourself and transform every aspect of your life;
contribute your special gifts and talents to live your highest purpose,
and; return home to join as One and dwell within the Source.

The primary directive of your soul is to help you

Uplift Your Soul To Uplift Your Life

As you uplift your soul, you are empowered to create a life that flourishes.

The wisdom of an enlightened soul gently guides the course of your life.
The power of an illumined soul boldly generates and mobilizes necessary resources
to realize the purpose of your life; to live the life only you were born to live, and;
fulfill your legacy and the destiny of your soul on earth as it is in heaven.

Services of THE WAY OF SOUL provide
wisdom, knowledge, and practices
to further open your heart and soul,
more deeply connect you to the energetic field of love,
and gently support you to create miracles in your life!

Open Your Heart & Empower Your Soul
To Heal And Transform Your Physical Life
& To Purify and Enlighten Your Spiritual Life.