Both Self-Healing and Soul Light Services empower messages of the soul
to remove blockages from your inner and outer worlds.

Blockages interfere with the connection between your soul and the universal, light-energy field of the Source.

They restrict the soul’s natural ability to heal.

The quality and strength of the soul’s connection with the Source energy field
determines the power of the soul to transform negative, life-disaffirming messages into positive, life-affirming messages.
The amplified power of the soul’s positive message heals and transforms the heart, mind, and, finally, the body.





                                     HERE ARE SOME REASONS WHY                                       OTHERS HAVE SOUGHT OUR SERVICES                                              HERE IS THE VALUE                                                       OTHERS HAVE FOUND WITH OUR SERVICES
We were Challenged by a Life-Altering Event or an Accumulation of Life Circumstances that Prompted Us to Question and Reflect Upon our Lives. We Discovered the Meaning, Purpose & Value of our Lives. We Learned the Significance, Role & Power of Soul to Create Well-Being & Quality of Life.
We felt stressed, overwhelmed, and burned out. We struggled to get up in the morning and sustain our energy throughout the day. We reclaimed the sacredness of our lives and engaged in self-care as an act of love for ourselves and our families.
Soul healing wisdom taught us how to re-align our priorities with the purpose of our soul to harmonize our inner and outer worlds.
Soul healing practices taught us presence, and how to tap into a wellspring of energy and move with grace, resilience, strength, and confidence throughout the day.
We suffered an injury or were diagnosed with a serious health condition that changed how we lived and managed our daily lives. We learned soul, self-healing techniques to remove blockages that impeded our natural ability to heal.
We received soul light services from a certified, soul healing practitioner to address, heal and transform the root cause of our illness.
We joined a Soul Power Circle to give and receive support from others and expand our repertoire of self-healing approaches.
Our marriage was faltering and we wanted to separate or divorce. We listened to and communicated with our souls. We transformed anger and resentment and forgave each other unconditionally to heal and renew our relationships.
Our child was acting out or having difficulties in school. We received a soul reading to hear messages from heaven that revealed how to support and help our child transmute and transcend his/her difficulties.
We suffered the death of a child, sibling, spouse or parent We learned to heal and transform grief and loss and cherish the sacredness of our family for the roles they served in our lives, and lessons they imparted to us.
We were unhappy with our work and wanted to rekindle our passion for work. We listened to the call of our soul, identified our unique gifts, and the value of our service. As we awakened our soul potentials, we found meaning and purpose at work.
We loved our health and wellness business, but we felt something was missing and wanted better treatment outcomes for our clients. We learned the soul is designed to heal. We applied the principles and practices of soul healing and furthered our clients’ progress toward optimal health.
We retired, yet there was so much more we wanted to do and didn’t want to spend our lives in health care facilities We learned that we could prolong our lives, and age with dignity, grace and better health through soul, self-healing.
We incurred significant debt due to health care, education, legal or other expenses, or lost a major financial investment. We were barely making ends meet. We learned how to identify and transform blockages at the level of the soul, heart, mind, and body. As we released barriers, we could live a life of abundance and flourish.
Our lives were so busy, we had less and less time to spend with extended family and friends, or in local community activities. We learned the significance of a social network and support system to foster and sustain health and prolong life.
We were no longer interested in transactional types of relationships. We reaffirmed the importance of friendships and resolved to find and build soulful relationships that would truly nourish and support our respective lives.
We felt disillusioned with our religion and discontinued our church activities. We learned to connect with our soul, open our spiritual channels, and access the vast wisdom of heaven to enrich, guide and direct our physical and spiritual journeys.
We had been on a conscious, spiritual journey for some time, but our spiritual practices had grown stale, or we longed for a community of others who shared our spiritual pursuits. We participated with others in the Soul Power Community to conduct spiritual practices and enjoy the camaraderie of kindred spirits in meaningful activities.
We were concerned about negative world events and the impact of these forces on our personal lives. We learned that focus upon the negative empowers the negative. Instead, a focus upon solutions and the counsel of our soul’s wisdom help us better navigate life.
When we really looked at the suffering of the world, we felt called to contribute to something bigger than ourselves. We learned the fastest way to heal ourselves is to offer service to others to help them become healthier and happier.