Tao Hands Practitioner Certification Program

A Sacred Treasure; A Sacred Honor; A Sacred Service

Do you feel a calling to transform your life and serve the life of others? Are you inspired to make a difference in the world?

Given as a sacred gift from the heavens, The Tao Hands Practitioner program is designed to help humanity attain a higher state of health and well-being during a tumultuous time in history. As a certified, Tao Hands Practitioner, you receive a sacred, soul treasure to offer high-frequency, spiritual healing blessings in every aspect of life for yourself and others.

​The Tao Hands Practitioner certification program is one specialty area within the healer pathway to becoming a soul, mind, body practitioner. The program consists of two levels:

​Level 1: Soul Mind Body Health & Wellness Workshop

At this level, foundational teachings are presented in a three-day workshop entitled, “Soul Mind Body Health & Wellness” This workshop focuses on the nature of the soul and self-healing and empowerment practices to harmonize our soul, heart, mind, and body. Your practices introduce you to the extraordinary experience of the power of the soul. They also build your energetic foundation so you can receive and sustain increasingly, higher-frequency energies of love, forgiveness, compassion, and light.​

The practices you learn and experience are those you will offer to others in your soul healing sessions with them. Soul, Self-Healing practices are essential to ensure and maintain the best healing results and accelerate the journey to health.

Level 2: Tao Hands Certification – Workshop

At the second level, you receive the sacred, Tao Hands Practitioner treasure. From the Tao layers of heaven, a golden, light ball is created and downloaded to your soul. The Tao Hands treasure is a permanent gift and, when activated, serves your requests for healing – whenever it is called upon.

Your sacred treasure is composed of very high frequencies of light energy. When you request healings, your treasure is activated. The light energy flows through you and is then directed to others. Your healing service with the Tao Hands treasure uplifts your soul as well as the souls of those who requested healing. Through your service, you are also healed.

With this treasure, you can offer soul healings for yourself, your loved ones, and your clients. You will be able to help them transform physical, emotional and mental conditions, as well as relationships, finance, business, career, intelligence and more. You can also offer soul healings to animals, nature, and inanimate things.

You will be authorized and empowered to offer services to individuals and groups, in person, or remotely over long distances. You can serve everyone and everything that requests your help within the scope of your authority – both near and far away. It is truly a sacred honor to participate in this program and serve the health and happiness of others.

Tao Hands Certification – Practice Sessions

Upon completion of the Tao Hands Practitioner certification workshop, you will meet for eight weekly meetings with your colleagues. These meetings give you the opportunity to learn how to do a healing session with clients; discuss how to respond to questions clients frequently ask; how to follow-up with clients; how to set fee structures, and; practice Tao Hands healings for various conditions/concerns such as health, finances, relationships, intelligence, pets, etc.

When you have completed the eight, practice sessions, you can take the written examination, sign your Agreement, and receive your completion certificate.

Tao Hands Certification – Summary

The complete Tao Hands Practitioner certification program is comprehensive and includes:

  • Two workshops,
  • Eight, weekly practice sessions,
  • Reading and audio materials,
  • A final written examination, and
  • A signed, Tao Hands Practitioner Agreement.
  • A Tao Hands Practioner certificate

​Upon completion of all requirements, you will receive certification for two years. Attendance in an advanced workshop will extend your certification for another two years. Each time you attend a workshop, your Tao Hands Practitioner treasure will be uplifted to a higher level of frequency, giving you even greater power to serve.

​All applications for this program must be approved based upon Divine guidance and the recommendation of a certified, Master Teacher. As this program has just been completed this year, we anticipate offering the program to you locally in 2020.

​If you have questions, or would like to put your name on our waiting list, please contact:

Contact Details & Location

Cheryl Wallace

Master Soul Healer & Teacher

Phone: 206-981-8103

Email: Cheryl@CherylWallaceSoulHealing.com


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TBD Seattle Metro

Honor Fee:

Please call for pricing

Become A Tao Hands Practitioner

Class/Workshop Cancellation Policy:

Due to the high level, spiritual treasures offered in this program, no refunds will be offered.  If you have paid the program honoring fees but life interferes and you’re not able to complete the program, you can finish the program at a later date.