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Most marvel at the magnificence of the human body. As its mysteries still baffle the minds of our most brilliant scientists, its creation is yet described as miraculous. Within its wondrous and intricate complexity, the body’s capacity for self-regulation and self-healing is, perhaps, the key factor in its survivability over time.

I remember the day my 3-year old nephew fell off his tricycle. In tears, he ran to his mother to show her the small, but lightly bleeding cut on his hand. She gently washed it, applied a band-aid and, of course, kissed his wound. Sufficiently consoled, he headed back to claim triumph over the challenges of tricycling.

A few days later, his mother was again startled. She could hear the excited tone in her son’s voice as he ran towards her. Out of breath and with amazement in his eyes, he extended his hand to her and loudly proclaimed, “Mommy, my cut is gone – it’s not there anymore.” To my nephew, the disappearance of his wound was pure magic.

Over a lifetime, we endure bumps, bruises, burns, breaks, cuts, and many other, more serious afflictions that heal spontaneously. (In scientific research, this is called, “the placebo effect.”) It should seem self-evident that the body can and does heal itself. My sister-in-law would never have thought to apply an ointment to her son’s eyes to remove his tears as an undesirable symptom. In fact, symptoms are often the result of the body’s effort to self-regulate, and restore its dynamic state of equilibrium and wellness.

The lowest state of wellness is defined by some as the absence of pain and suffering in five dimensions of life: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social.

At the other end of the continuum, highest states of wellness are less well defined. Some suggest we have only glimpses into a vast territory of human potential, yet to be explored. The documented and various experiences of spiritual adepts suggest extraordinary capabilities that defy supposed limitations of what it means to be human. Their experiences reveal the possibility of remarkable potentials, previously thought impossible. Perhaps, as we learn to activate these potentials we will, one day, clarify and define the highest states of wellness.

Today, words and phrases such as love, happiness, peace, compassion, abundance, enduring vitality, and prolonged life are commonly used to describe higher states of wellness.

The health industry’s focus upon lessening or eliminating symptoms of dis-ease has dominated the care of our health in recent decades. However, research now states our current, healthcare delivery system is a significant contributor to ill-health. Further, the alarming increase of chronic disease can be reversed by adopting healthy lifestyle habits

Pioneers in alternative, holistic, complementary, integrative, functional, and naturopathic medicine are now advancing a radical re-vision of the health care model. Although there are differences in emphasis between the disciplines, the tenets of an emerging model generally endorse the following:

  1. Treat the whole person: soul, heart, mind, body.
  2. Consider the person’s health in the surrounding context of the person’s life (social, cultural, work, economy, etc).
  3. Prioritize prevention to reduce the incidence of diseases that would eventually require long-term, expensive treatments.
  4. Primarily focus upon the cause rather than the symptoms of disease.
  5. Research the body’s natural healing abilities, and mechanisms of wellness.
  6. Apply treatment approaches that support the body’s inherent capacity to heal itself, and maintain wellness.
  7. Educate people about healthy lifestyle habits, and support behavioral changes necessary to adopt these habits.

​Unfortunately, humanity is deluged with polluting forces that diminish the body’s inherent capacity for self-healing. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the noise we are subjected to, the environmental catastrophes we lament, and the violence we are threatened by are often considered forces over which we have no control. Yet, we believe we can not only control, but transform these forces.

We honor, respect, and believe all health disciplines have their role in the promotion of health and well-being. We are also hopeful that the emergence of an expanded model will fulfill the promise to better care for our health. Our unique specialty, and contribution to this model is the POWER OF SOUL.

​By unifying ancient and modern spirituality with science, and by defining the soul as message or information…

…the soul is deemed the initiator of all life. It communicates with other souls of the heart, mind and body, and directs all activities within and outside the body.

Typically, care of the soul is referred to providers of spiritual advice or counseling during times of moral dilemma, loss, grief, and other challenging, life circumstances. However, the value of caring for the soul extends far beyond our need for consoling insight and support. Intrinsic to the nature of life, including the human body, the soul is an essential factor largely ignored in science and, more specifically, in concepts of wellness and its attainment.

The soul’s causative role as a purveyor of information impacts all structural and functional elements of the body – and of life itself. The quality of messages dispensed is vital, and determines an outcome toward health or disease. The profound significance of the soul’s messages or information cannot be understated.

In this on-going, weekly class, learn about:​

  • Qualities and characteristics of the soul
  • How messages of the soul impact health and disease
  • Practical, and easy-to-apply techniques to transform negative messages of the soul to positive messages
  • How to use the power of the soul to heal, prevent disease, and rejuvenate our body
  • How to uplift the soul to achieve higher states of wellness


We would like to invite you to experience the remarkable healing power of the Tao Chang. The Tao Chang is a circle of sacred, Tao Calligraphies infused with light energy from the Source. Within it you can transform the messages of your soul to receive healing results for any aspect of your life. This is a rare opportunity of priceless value, and we are offering it for FREE for a limited period during the normal dates and times of the Tao Wellness class. You can tune in via webcast or attend in person. Sign up below, or read more about the Tao Chang here.

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