What Is The Soul?

The essence of the soul is message or information.

​It is the source of all communication within and between everyone and everything – on earth and in the heavens.

​Positive karma generates positive messages in the soul.
Negative karma generates negative messages in the soul.

What Causes Sickness?

When the message of the soul is negative, it dis-affirms life, and blocks the smooth flow of energy within and between every aspect of life.

The energetic connection is obstructed between you, your soul, and your soul’s connection to the universal, light energy field of Oneness.

​The result is dis-ease.

How Does Soul Power Transform Sickness?

Soul Power removes blockages to restore the smooth flow of energy by invoking and receiving high-frequency energies from the energy field of Oneness.

​High frequency energies elevate the frequency of your soul’s messages.

The higher the frequency of the soul’s message, the greater its power to clear blockages, restore energy flow, and strengthen your connection to the energy field of Oneness.

How Does Soul Power Vitalize Health?

In your body, soul messages are communicated from your soul, to your heart, your mind and, finally, to your body.

​High frequency messages remove blockages from your soul, heart, mind, and body. Energy can then move freely throughout your body.

​Negative messages of your soul are transformed to positive, life-affirming messages, and your connection with the energy field of Oneness is strengthened.

​The result is health.