What Do People Experience During Soul Light Services?

There Are As Many Different Types of Experiences As There Are People

All of life naturally resonates with the high-frequency energies of Universal Light.
However, people differ in their awareness of, and sensitivity to this light.

Most report feelings of profound peace, or sensations of tingling or warmth. Some will have dramatic responses such as complete elimination of pain, or seeing spiritual images. Others may not be aware of immediate, tangible experiences yet, over time, may notice subtle improvements in the area of life for which they had requested services.

We recommend that you trust the Divine and open your heart and soul to receive the healing. Whether or not you experience something tangible at that moment, enjoy the experience, and relax as Universal Light works to create your desired results.

How Long Does It Take For Results?

Results Are Specifically Calibrated For Each Person’s Needs

Some receive results that are immediately noticeable. Others may not feel any type of pleasant sensation, but are surprised that their suffering may be eliminated, or significantly reduced.

For others, results may occur over a period of time – days, weeks or months. Due to the amount and level of blockages related to a particular condition, some may need several sessions to achieve the desired results.

All Soul Light Services are customized by the Divine to provide for the precise needs of each individual. While all Soul Light Services will remove blockages, we trust the wisdom of the Divine to know how quickly and how many blockages are removed with each session. The sincerity and depth of your trust is important. If you doubt, or lack trust, you actually block the Universal Light, and reduce the effectiveness of your results.

In additon to the direct results of Soul Light Services, the magnitude and sustainability of results require effort on your part. Customized, Self-Empowerment practices are given for you to practice n a daily basis. The greater your effort, the better and faster your results are achieved.

In general, the longer the history of your concern and the greater its severity, the more practice is required. For life-threatening conditions, it is recommended that you practice for 2 hours per day. For less chronic or severe conditions, 15 minutes to 1/2 hour of daily practice is recommended.

Are There Side-Effects from Soul Light Services?

The Main Effect of Soul Light Services Is To Remove Blockages & Create A Higher State of Coherence.

Coherence occurs in any animate and inanimate system when each part, and the relationship between all the parts in that system function together harmoniously. Blockages in the soul, heart, mind and body of a person fragment the natural coherence of a system, and disrupt the harmony within and between the body’s functions. By removing blockages, high frequencies of light energy restore coherence and elevate the degree of harmony within the system.

As blockages are being removed, a person enters a process of purification. Such as when one detoxifies the body through diet, symptoms may manifest until impurities are eliminated and the body appropriately adjusts.

The same process of purification also occurs when removing blockages from the soul, heart and mind. Most often, symptoms will just naturally subside within a short period of time. However, if there is ever a concern about any symptom, we encourage you to consult with your medical physician for guidance and support as your body naturally works to achieve greater harmony, and a higher state of coherence.